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Agency Officials Say People Key to Robotic Process Automation Adoption

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Federal agency officials discussed at the American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council’s BOTs Forum in Washington the importance of change management and employees in the implementation of robotic process automation, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Michael Rigas, deputy director of the Office of Personnel Management, said OPM is collaborating with other agencies to help them communicate the benefits of RPA adoption.

He mentioned the need for agencies to engage employees from all workforce levels and that OPM will work with the General Services Administration to come up with an RPA upskilling academy to facilitate the development and maintenance of RPA bots.

“We’re excited to say we have funding for this as part of the upcoming budget and we think it will really help to accelerate the adoption of RPA across the federal government,” Rigas added.

Alicia Saucedo, supervisory budget analyst at GSA, said RPA adoption is a “big change management project” that requires agencies to engage people from multiple levels of an organization.

Saucedo said there are four bot deployment initiatives at GSA and one of those is a tool that helped the agency modernize its micropurchase process.