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Thomas Horlander: Army’s Budget Mgmt Program Helps Optimize Purchasing Power

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Jeff Brody
Thomas Horlander

Lt. Gen. Thomas Horlander, military deputy to the Army’s assistant secretary, has said that the service’s Command Accountability and Execution Review program helped the service optimize its purchasing activities.

The Army comptroller said in an interview with Defense News published Wednesday that the two-year-old CAER effort has enabled the Army to decrease its loss of purchasing power by 68 percent. He noted that he expects the program to help address fundamental budgeting issues encompassing transportation, contract management, supply chain, personnel and equipment.

According to Horlander, his office aims to implement a “more equal spread of contracting activity” across the commands throughout the fiscal year. He added that the Army’s enactment of transfer authorities “becomes quite a puzzle” when dealing with the Trump administration’s reprogramming of funds for the U.S.-Mexico border wall’s construction.

“It gets pretty complicated, and if you have more reprogramming requirements than you traditionally do, then you really are having to pay really close attention to what you reprogram and don’t reprogram,” he said.