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Michael Kratsios: ‘Quantum Supremacy’ a Product of US Innovation Ecosystem

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Michael Kratsios
Michael Kratsios

Michael Kratsios, U.S. chief technology officer and a 2019 Wash100 award winner, wrote in a commentary published Wednesday on Fortune that Google’s announcement that it proved the theory of “quantum supremacy” using its quantum computer Sycamore demonstrates the efforts of the U.S. innovation ecosystem, which is driven by cooperation between the federal government, private sector and academia.

Kratsios said the federal government has strengthened the innovation ecosystem and made efforts to advance quantum research and development under the current administration.

He cited the role of the Department of Defense, NASA, Energy Department National Laboratories and other federal agencies to carry out R&D work in quantum computing in support of the quantum supremacy initiative.

Kratsios mentioned the National Quantum Initiative Act signed in December 2018 and how it supports policy development and research on quantum computing and backs the country’s innovative ecosystem to make more discoveries.

“Today, we celebrate the remarkable achievement of proving the theory of quantum supremacy,” he said. “Now, the United States stands prepared to usher in the next generation of quantum technologies by embracing the innovation ecosystem at the heart of our technological dominance.”