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Juliane Gallina on CIA’s ‘Gray Magic’ Program, IT Contracts

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Jeff Brody
Juliane Gallina

Juliane Gallina, the CIA’s chief information officer, said the agency is looking to replace fax machines with the use of email through the Gray Magic program to facilitate communications between the agency and vendors when it comes to information technology acquisition, FCW reported Wednesday.

“It’s a new secure network designed specifically to allow industry partners to have their own direct communications and collaboration with government to help us facilitate acquisition,” she said of the program, which is in the beta phase.

Gallina, who joined the CIA in April, mentioned her team’s efforts to manage the agency’s IT contracts and cloud adoption.

“Almost all of our major IT contracts are being turned over the next 20-24 months,” she said. “We’re seeing innovation today come from industry in many of the cloud-based tools.”