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Ron Ross: NIST Awaits OMB Approval of Special Publication 800-53 Revision 5

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Ron Ross

Ron Ross, a National Institute of Standards and Technology fellow, said NIST is waiting for the Office of Management and Budget’s office of information and regulatory affairs to finish its final review and approve Special Publication 800-53, revision 5 to begin soliciting public comments on six cybersecurity documents, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

The cyber standards waiting on the content of SP 800-53 revision 5 include SP-800-171, revision 2 for securing controlled, unclassified information; SP-800-171 B for addressing advanced persistent threats, SP-800-53 A for developing new security assessment procedures; SP-800-53 B for creating new baseline controls for systems.

“The other thing we’ve done with Revision 5 is we’ve integrated a lot of our systems security engineering guidance,” Ross said at the 930Gov conference. “We have controls now for security design and system security engineering so you can actually use controls in procurements when you are going out for new systems to make sure the systems have the right requirements for protecting those systems, not after they are delivered to you, but you send them out in the RFPS so that industry can produce the technologies and systems we need to better protect our systems.”