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Agency Officials Cite Public-Private Partnerships, Network Security as Key IoT Priorities

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Jeff Brody

Karen Evans, assistant secretary of the Department of Energy’s cybersecurity, energy security and emergency response office, cited public-private partnerships as vital for critical industries like the energy sector, Nextgov reported Friday. She noted during World Wide Technology’s IoT Industry Day in Washington, D.C. that working with private operators of energy infrastructure has given her a “deeper appreciation for what public-private partnership means.”

“They understand exactly how these devices are being used and they know how they are being held accountable,” Evans said. Her office is working on a range of internet-of-things initiatives spanning areas such as grid security, modernization, workforce planning, emergency preparedness and infrastructure protection.

Landon Van Dyke, senior adviser for the State Department’s energy, environment and sustainability division, said the department also has concerns over vulnerabilities that may result from using IoT for operations such as building management and air monitoring.

Francisco Salguero, deputy chief information officer of the Agriculture Department, said he intends to deploy IoT to improve mapping activities through drone capabilities. The department has also been leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain to address organizational requirements as well as the needs of U.S. farmers.