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DOE Allots $50M for Fusion, Plasma Research; Paul Dabbar Quoted

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Jeff Brody
Paul Dabbar

The Department of Energy is investing $50M in fusion energy and plasma science projects conducted by industry firms, universities and national laboratories. The investment aims to allow for fusion energy’s use as a source of clean power, DOE said Wednesday.

The department used fiscal 2019 allotments for majority of the funds. Fusion energy researchers would work to sustain high-temperature plasmas in magnetic field confinements known as tokamak facilities.

“Research in the important fields of fusion energy and plasma science promises both short-term and long-term benefits to industry and society at large,” said Paul Dabbar, DOE undersecretary for science.

Sixty percent of the funds will support 10 U.S.-based multi-institutional teams to perform studies at facilities across the globe. DOE will use the remaining fraction of funds to establish new centers for low-temperature plasma research projects. The department conducted a competitive peer review to select projects.