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DoD Deploying Enterprise File Exchange Service for Unclassified Data

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Jeff Brody

The Defense Information Systems Agency is implementing a new file exchange system to enable Department of Defense users to securely exchange unclassified data on an enterprise level. DISA said Thursday that the open-source DoD Secure Access File Exchange will succeed the Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center’s SAFE service slated to retire this month.

DoD SAFE updates its AMRDEC predecessor’s file transfer capacity from 2 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes and covers data such as personally identifiable information, protected health information and “for official use only” files within the Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network. DoD SAFE also allows users to access files for seven days and send a maximum of 25 files at the same time.

In addition, the file transfer service limits data exchange initiation activities to authenticated holders of the Common Access Card. The DoD chief information officer is expected to complete the SAFE effort in six months.