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DHS S&T Holds Emergency Response Exercise with Canada, U.K.

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Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate collaborated with the governments of Canada and the U.K. to conduct a trilateral exercise to develop best practices in emergency response efforts. The exercise simulated a hypothetical scenario that involved an infectious pathogen to identify and address gaps in first response and information sharing cpabilities, DHS said Tuesday.

DHS created a team to evaluate the threat and utilized practices under the agency’s Science Advisory Guide for Emergencies tool to respond to the scenario during the demonstration. The results showed optimized two-way communication efforts between subject matter experts and DHS S&T Acting Deputy Undersecretary Andrew Hentz. The agency plans to mature SAGE as a department-wide resource and coordinate with other agencies to augment homeland security capacities.

“Establishing best practices in partnership with our Canadian and UK allies through a program like SAGE is an important part of ensuring that we are always ready to provide the best advice for protecting the homeland,” said Hentz.