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ViON Corporation Launches ViON Enterprise Cloud; Tom Frana Quoted

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Tom Frana

ViON announced on Tuesday that the company has launched the ViON Enterprise Cloud (VEC), a hybrid, multi-cloud solution portfolio that offers single interface management.

The VEC offers organizations the leverage to bring a public cloud experience to their private cloud environment and maintain the existing infrastructure to take advantage of ViON’s Multi-Cloud Orchestrator, Cloud Services Platform and Professional and Managed Services.

In addition, the VEC extends ViON’s Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) capability and consists of multiple new components including: ViON’s Cloud Services Platform (VCSP), ViON’s Multi-Cloud Orchestrator (VMCO) and ViON’s Professional and Managed Services.

From asset and change management to reporting and governance to automation and orchestration, the VEC simplifies the entire multi-cloud management experience, providing seamless multi-cloud orchestration between the legacy data center, the public cloud and on-prem or off-prem cloud platforms.

“Most organizations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and opting instead for the Cloud,” said Tom Frana, chairman and CEO of ViON. “With our new Enterprise Cloud capability, we are better able to provide our customers with the public cloud experience they want behind their firewall, enabling them to manage multi-cloud environments from a single platform and easily move workloads as their needs change.”

About ViON Corporation

ViON Corporation is a cloud service provider with over 38 years’ experience designing and delivering enterprise data center solutions to government agencies and commercial businesses. The company provides IT as-a-Service solutions including on-premise public cloud capabilities to simplify the challenges facing business leaders and agency executives.

Focused on supporting the customer’s evolution to the next generation data center, ViON’s Data Center as-a-Service offering provides innovative solutions from OEMs and disruptive technology providers via a consumption-based model. The complete range of as-a-Service solutions are available to research, compare, procure and manage via a single portal, ViON Marketplace.