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President Trump Signs Legislation Expanding IRS IT Modernization Authorities

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Jeff Brody

President Trump has signed the Taxpayer First Act extending the Internal Revenue Service’s authority to directly hire cyber staff and offer a higher pay grade for such personnel through 2025, FCW reported Tuesday. The higher salary offer, which can reach up to $240,000, is intended to attract tech and cybersecurity talent, according to the Treasury Department’s inspector general.

The Taxpayer First Act also allows IRS to establish its own anti-fraud Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Cabinet officials will perform on-site reviews and ensure contractor’s compliance with data security requirements as part of the directive. In addition, independent entities will oversee the Customer Account Data Engine 2 program which seeks to replace the agency’s aging electronic tax return processing system.

Several commissioners have called on Congress to restore such IRS authorities after the 2013 deadline, citing the need to address evolving information technology modernization and cybersecurity needs.