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Gov’t Leaders Discuss Nat’l Security Threats at NDIA’s CBRN Conference

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Jeff Brody

Senior government officials discussed a range of national concerns on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense during the National Defense Industrial Association’s CBRN Conference and Exhibition in Delaware, National Defense magazine reported Tuesday. Andrew Kilianski, chief intelligence officer at the joint program executive office for CBRN, said that focus must be shifted to emerging threats and potential attacks from near-peer adversaries.

James Madsen, lead clinical consultant and clinical laboratory director at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense’s chemical casualty care division, noted that while Russsia is the country’s biggest chemical threat, China “knows more about marine toxins in particular than any other country in the world.”

Previously, President Trump released his budget request for fiscal 2020 which earmarks $1.4 billion for CBRN defense efforts.