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Congress Hearing Tackles U.S. Energy Grid Cybersecurity

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Jeff Brody

Congress members are expressing growing interest to address the risks of foreign cyber attacks against the U.S. electric grid, The Hill reported Sunday. Lawmakers’ interest on the issue has been growing in response to infrastructure-related cyber attacks from Iran and cited threats from China and Russia, the report noted.

“We know our enemies are rapidly developing new techniques to compromise and attack our grid, so it is vitally important that the federal government and the electric industry remain vigilant in ensuring the grid is secure,” Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., said in a hearing. He chairs the House Energy and Commerce.

Karen Evans, assistant secretary of the Department of Energy’s cybersecurity focused office, cited a national intelligence report that Russia is studying the U.S. critical infrastructure for potential openings. “The frequency, scale and sophistication of cyber threats continue to increase,” Evans said.