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Navy Moves Forward in Improving Access to Sailor Data

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The U.S. Navy secured an Authorization to Operate for its Sea Warrior Program, allowing the service to employ new cloud technologies in the Authoritative Data Environment. ADE allows personnel in the field to analyze data in a development testing environment before sharing it to the fleet, the Navy said Tuesday. Sailors currently use multiple computer systems to transfer information, which has high risk of moving inconsistent data from one system to another during the process. 

“We like to call ADE the ‘single source of truth’ because it will eliminate redundant information and provide accurate, timely data across all Navy systems,” said Jeffrey Bowell, principal assistant program manager for the Sea Warrior Program. “It’s even a bigger step forward in the Navy’s efforts to transform and consolidate its numerous systems and data warehouses into a single system of systems.”

ADE will also serve as the backbone for the new MyNavy Portal, which gives a single point of entry to handle personnel needs.