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Bill Zielinski: IT Modernization Spans Cloud, Emerging Tech Efforts

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Bill Zielinski, acting assistant commissioner of General Services Administrations’ office of information technology category, has identified four key areas of IT modernization the government is focusing on, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Zielinski noted during a recent ACT-IAC event that agencies are heavily promoting cloud, emerging technology, chief data officer responsibilities and supply chain risk mitigation. According to Zielinski, agencies are shifting toward a “true commercial cloud” rather than hybrid or on-premises operations. He added that more and more government entities want to implement artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning and blockchain to address mission requirements.

“I think the size of the challenges require us to look beyond just human capital and look into some of these emerging technologies as force multipliers and a means by which we can crack some of the really sticky problems and issues that we have in IT today,” Zielinski noted.