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Sens. Edward Markey, John Thune Call for Action on Proposed Drone Identification Rule

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Sens. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and John Thune, R-S.D., are urging the Federal Aviation Administration to publish a proposed rule on remote identification of drones to prevent the entry of unauthorized drones in critical areas. Markey and Thune sent a letter to the Department of Transportation calling for action on the rule that would permit authorities and the public to remotely track unmanned aircraft systems and their operators during flight, Markey’s office said in a statement released Monday.

The senators stated that the rule would help address the series of drone sightings in safety-sensitive areas like airports and large gatherings that have been reported in recent months.

“Remote identification will enhance safety, security, and privacy, and serve as a critical tool for law enforcement to respond to and address reports of illegal and unauthorized drone operations,” they said. Remote identification is also essential for developing a traffic management system for unmanned aircraft, which is “imperative to achieving the safe and efficient integration of UAS operations in the airspace,” the senators noted.

Markey and Thune currently serve as members of the Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation.