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Navy, Marines Test New Information Warfare Techs at ANTX West

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The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps concluded the exercise ANTX West 2019 exploring how both services could integrate new information warfare technologies into operations in the field, USNI News reported Friday.

The 10-day event at the Navy’s offshore San Clemente Island ranges and in San Diego laboratories and facilities involved nearly 60 defense contractors, tech companies, military laboratories and members of the academia. During the exercise, Navy and Marine Corps officials assessed matured technologies, including communications, sensors, countermeasures, command-and-control, strikes, non-kinetic fires, counter-intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting systems.

“We’re out there testing ideas, seeing what works, what’s possible. This is innovation,” said Rear Adm. Donald Gabrielson, commander of Carrier Strike Group 11. “This is exciting because it’s going to produce results.” 

Service officials attending ANTX West sought new command-and-control and surveillance technologies to give Navy and Marine forces new capabilities in highly-contested, high-tech environments.