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Amy Hess: FBI Works With Private Sector to Facilitate Response to Cyber Incidents

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Amy Hess, executive assistant director of the FBI, said the bureau is working to establish partnerships with companies to better respond to cyber threats since the private sector manages approximately 95 percent of the country’s infrastructure, Federal News Network reported Monday.

“And we have to develop those relationships from a government perspective with private sector to ensure that for number one, for starters, that were notified when it is happens, because the sooner we can get involved, the sooner we can identify who it is, the sooner we can identify their [tactics, techniques and procedures], and the sooner we can stop them, hopefully from doing it again,” Hess said on the network’s Agency in Focus – Justice Department.

She noted that the bureau serves as the lead agency for threat response as part of a three-pronged effort to help protect the industry from cyber attacks.

“What the FBI is doing in the meantime, and the Justice Department, is trying to identify who did it. What are the techniques, tactics and procedures they’re using, to identify who it comes back to? … Who did it and then, ultimately, to hold them accountable, so that we can either bring them to justice or to reveal their identities, and essentially make life difficult,” Hess added.

Hess said the FBI is working with Microsoft, Mastercard and other companies on a talent recruitment program that aims to assure employees jobs in the private sector once they complete a two-year stint with the bureau.