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Navy Planning to Acquire First Large Surface Combatant Ship in FY 2025

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The U.S. Navy delayed its acquisition of an initial Large Surface Combatant ship from fiscal year 2023 to FY 2025, USNI News reported Friday.

Ron O’Rourke, naval affairs specialist for the Congressional Research Service, said he believes the lead LSC vessel did not appear in the FY 2020 budget request because it is scheduled for FY25. However, the Navy is looking to accelerate the acquisition process which may lead to the LSC effort being covered by an earlier budget proposal.

The FY20 budget, which covers shipbuilding programs running through FY 2024, will continue the production of Arleigh Burke-class destroyers throughout a five-year period. The Navy intends to use its Requirements Evaluation Team to accelerate procurement procedures and promote coordination between engineers, contracting officers, industry and requirements staff.