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Suzette Kent: Data Management Efforts, Investments in AI Must be Synchronized

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Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent has said there is a need for agencies to understand and organize their data before investing in artificial intelligence systems, NextGov reported Wednesday.

Kent said during Nvidia‘s GPU DC technology conference it is important to synchronize data management operations and other factors with plans to leverage AI technologies.

The Trump administration has set data management as one of the priorities under the President’s Management Agenda.

The government is also increasing its efforts in AI to keep pace with adversaries.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently introduced the AI Next program, which is a $2B initiative that intends to equip new technologies with human-like reasoning capabilities to promote human-machine teaming.

The campaign aims to automate the Defense Department‘s critical business processes, increase the reliability of AI systems and initiate the development of advanced AI algorithms, among other things.

Kent also noted the importance of an information technology-literate workforce in the federal government to the success of the data management endeavor.