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Heather Wilson, David Goldfein Set Priorities to Boost Air Force Readiness

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U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein have said the service is working on restoring and boosting the readiness of airmen using increased appropriations from Congress.

The Air Force said Wednesday it expects 80 percent of its core fighting units to produce well-trained and equipped airmen by late 2020.

The service aims to: prevent any shortages of active duty maintainers and national aircrew by the end of 2018; address issues in the quality of service and life of Air Force personnel; increase financial incentives; and provide freedom over assignments and career choices.

In its readiness priority list, the Air Force also included purchasing modern training ranges and systems, such as simulators and threat emulators, and sustaining weapons.

Goldfein noted that the service is seeking new ways of maintaining legacy planes operated by young airmen.