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DOE Issues Restrictions on Sharing Civilian Nuclear Tech With China

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The Energy Department has issued a new policy framework regulating cooperation between the U.S. and China concerning the sharing of civilian nuclear technology.

The DOE said on Thursday that the new framework was developed due to concerns that China may be attempting to acquire nuclear technology from U.S. companies in such a manner that is, in the words of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, “outside of established processes of U.S.-China civil nuclear cooperation.”

The new framework focuses on the China General Nuclear Power Company and establishes a “presumption of denial” against requests from CGN, its subsidiaries or related organizations to export from the U.S. nuclear technology, equipment, components or other material.

“The presumption of denial will be in place until the U.S. Government is satisfied with CGN engagement on its indictment with the U.S. legal system,” the new policy framework said.

The CGN was indicted by the Justice Department in 2016 for its role in a conspiracy to acquire U.S. expertise to develop nuclear material outside the country without obtaining the requisite authorization from the Energy Department.