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Bruce Jette on Army Futures Command, rapid acquisition goals

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Bruce Jette

Bruce Jette, assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for acquisition, technology and logistics, told Defense News in an interview published Monday how the new Army Futures Command will work with the acquisition community.

The new command will consist of cross-functional teams that will work to accelerate the technology requirements development process and advance the service’s modernization priorities.

“What we’re going to do to make sure that the CFTs are more closely tied to the acquisition community is we’re going to ensure that each of the CFTs have at least one acquisition professional,” Jette added.

He said he believes AFC and CFTs will work to advance prototype development and testing activities.

“We’ll have technical tests to make assessments as to whether or not the system is actually performing up to the different metrics that we want to, that will be part of trying to mature the technology from a tech perspective,” he added.

Jette cited his plans for the service’s rapid acquisition process, including his goal for the Army to achieve initial operational capability for military equipment within five years and discussed the adoption of “other transaction authorities” to speed up the service’s acquisition process.


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