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DOE to Fund Eight New Predictive Modeling Projects for Solar Generation

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The Department of Energy has announced it will obligate $12 million to fund eight new projects that seek to generate new findings on predictive modeling for solar generation.

The Solar Forecasting 2 effort brings together government labs, industry and academe in aims to increase solar generation forecast accuracy and improve the management and reliability of the solar energy grid, the DOE said Tuesday.

Four of the projects will focus on solar generation prediction, while three others will go over the integration of grid planning technologies and operating systems for advanced forecasting.

Another project will test a framework designed to guide the evaluation of model performance through the use of standards and metrics.

The three integration projects will be conducted in partnership with the California Independent System Operator, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas; while the framework study project will be executed at the University of Arizona.

Funds in the amount of $2.6 million from the private sector will be added to the DOE’s contribution, totaling to an amount of more than $14.6 million.

The full list of awarding under the effort can be found here.

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