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Report: Army Sheds Light on Multi-Domain Battle Concept Via Draft Document

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The U.S. Army has released a draft document that describes how U.S. forces and allies will fight adversaries across air, ground, maritime, cyber and space domains in the period of 2025 through 2040, Defense One reported Monday.

The draft strategy describes Multi-Domain Battle as an operational concept that seeks to address challenges posed by peer adversaries through adoption of three components.

These include the use of “resilient formations” that can project power and work “semi-independently” at tactical and operational levels; convergence of capabilities across several domains to provide the Joint Force an advantage to maneuver; and force posture calibration to counter “hybrid war.”

The draft strategy also discusses the components of the Multi-Domain Battle operational framework in response to adversaries’ expansion of the battlespace and use of technologies and military systems to converge capabilities.

These components include deep fire areas, deep maneuver areas and close area as well as strategic, operational and tactical support areas.

The document also tackles how adversaries take measures to meet objectives below the level of armed conflict and how enemies employ reconnaissance assets, unconventional warfare, information warfare and conventional forces to disrupt alliances and destabilize target states.

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