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Report: James Mattis Pushes for Munition Funding Increase in Fiscal 2018

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Defense Secretary James Mattis directed other Defense Department officials to allocate funds for the full production of six “preferred” munitions as they prepared a fiscal year 2018 budget plan, Defense News reported Tuesday.

John Roth, deputy comptroller for program budget at DoD, told reporters Tuesday that the department increased its funding request for selected munitions to $3.5 billion in a move to address inventory gaps.

The proposed budget would cover the procurement of Hellfire missiles worth $713.9 million; Joint Direct Attack Munitions worth $874.3 million; Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems worth $889.5; small diameter bombs worth $504.1 million; Tomahawk missiles worth $381.6 million; and Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems worth $200 million.

Roth added the figures reflect the maximum production capacity of companies that produce the six munition systems for the U.S. military.

DoD seeks $16.4 billion in funds to buy weapons such as tactical missiles, conventional ammunition and strategic missiles, reported Defense News.

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