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Navy Survey Highlights Use of Automated Range Mgmt System; Leonard Garcia Comments

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U.S. NavyThe Navy Installations Command has highlighted in a new survey what it sees as benefits of an automated range management system to the military branch’s warfighters.

The survey covered criteria such as time and manpower savings, data collection, efficiency and effectiveness and the benefits for continued usage, the Navy said Friday.

Across the entire shore enterprise, the Navy implements the Range Facility Management Support System with funds from NIC to handle warfighter training activities.

“With this system, our training range managers and warfighters have a web-based application that automates range management functions such as scheduling, processing requests and collecting utilization data,” said Leonard Garcia, RFMSS functional administrator with NIC.

The Naval Special Warfare components began to use the RFMSS in 2014 to schedule, collect data and report on the usage of range programs under a directive from the NIC.

The NIC has started to fund the maintenance of the system throughout the shore enterprise with an annual average of $150,000 in 2010.

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