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Adm. Michael Rogers: Human Capital is Biggest Cyber Challenge

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Adm. Michael Rogers
Adm. Michael Rogers

U.S. Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, head of Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, has said human capital needs pose the biggest challenge in the cybersecurity arena.

The Defense Department said Thursday Rogers spoke at the CyberMaryland Conference to discuss challenges facing the cyber community.

“While the technology is incredibly important to our ability to meet the needs that are associated with the challenges of cyber and cybersecurity, perhaps the greatest challenge is not the technology but the human capital element,” Rogers said.

“The ability to generate trained men and women with the right kind of background and insight is a challenge that as a nation we are only beginning to come to grips with,” he added.

Rogers noted that internship programs at NSA and Cybercom serve as a main cybersecurity investment for both organizations and approximately 65 percent of interns end up in staff positions NSA.

He added every personnel must have a baseline knowledge on cyber and users must make “smarter” decisions to support cybersecurity.

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