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IBM’s Gina Loften: Cognitive Platforms Could Help Address Mental Health Problems Among Veterans

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BrainMapIBM’s Gina Loften has said government agencies and the private sector should work together to leverage the “power of data” through cognitive platforms in order to help treat traumatic brain injury and other mental health conditions among military veterans.

Loften, a vice president and chief innovation officer at IBM’s federal business, wrote in a Federal Times article published Tuesday that a hackathon hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs in April resulted in the development of a cognitive application called Trusted, Empathic, Calming and Insightful.

She said the TECi application works to remind veterans on their medications and help manage their schedules during their recovery from brain-related injuries.

Loften also cited other efforts that aim to help doctors and caregivers address TBI, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems among veterans.

These include the use of streaming analytics by Columbia University Medical Center to help detect ischemia and the development of a population health management tool, called Mentrics, through a partnership between IBM Watson Health and behavioral health analytics firm ODH, according to Loften.

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