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Defense One: CIA’s Andrew Hallman Cites Data Mgmt, Anticipatory Intell as New Directorate’s Priorities

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digital governmentAndrew Hallman, deputy director at the CIA, has told Defense One the three items he aims to address as he leads the newly-created directorate for digital innovation at the agency.

Hallman said in an interview published Thursday that the new directorate will work to build up data management operations, help agents improve their cyber skills and apply digital intelligence methods to forecast events, Patrick Tucker writes.

“We are gaining the ability to anticipate the conditions of change to determine if they are anomalies or areas to focus on,” Hallman said.

“This directorate will bring focus to that anticipatory intelligence capability.”

He also discussed the potential of the Open Source Indicators program to predict events and the plans of the new office to develop new mathematical techniques and application program interfaces to help agents analyze vast volumes of data.

Hallman told the publication he plans to employ a chief data officer who will work to “manage the data science cadre and provide standards for development APIs that allow various applications to talk to each other.”

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