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Robert Work: Cyber Deterrence a DoD Priority Under New Cyber Strategy

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Robert Work
Robert Work

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work has indicated that the Defense Department considers deterrence among its priority cybersecurity capabilities as cyber attacks become more prominent in the U.S.’ national security agenda, DoD News reported Tuesday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes that Work told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the cyber strategy released earlier this year enables U.S. Cyber Command to provide cyber support for military operations.

He said in the SASC hearing that the strategy also works to help bolster the cyber deterrence posture of the U.S., which is built on the aspects of denial, resilience and cost imposition.

According to Work, DoD has further released a cybersecurity discipline implementation plan and scorecard that seeks to establish accountability for network security.

“The administration has made clear that we respond to cyberattacks in the time, manner and place of our choosing, and the department has developed cyber options to hold an aggressor at risk in cyberspace if required,” he said.

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