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Christine Fox: Pentagon Must Balance Spending Reductions, Tech Investments

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Christine Fox
Christine Fox

The Pentagon’s temporary number two official said Tuesday the military must strike a balance between spending less and maintaining technological capabilities as U.S. foreign policy focus shifts toward the Asia-Pacific, Reuters reported Tuesday.

David Alexander writes that Christine Fox, acting deputy defense secretary, told a naval conference in San Diego that the U.S. military will have to reduce in size to support training, maintenance and defense technology investments.

“Those of us entrusted with leadership positions … do not wish to see the U.S. lose its decisive advantage or end up in a situation of parity against any military power,” Fox said, according to the report.

Fox believes that China’s ongoing military modernization is designed to limit the movement of other countries’ armed forces in the Asia, Alexander writes.

“We need more ships with the protection and firepower to survive against a more advanced military adversary,” she added, according to the report.

“Presence is important, presence with a purpose and with capability.”

Reuters reports the Pentagon will release its budget plan for fiscal 2015 and quadrennial defense review document in a few weeks.

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