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Energy Dept Aims for New Hardware to Secure Classified Data

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GSA image
GSA image

The Energy Department and National Security Agency have jointly developed a sample hardware that is designed to safeguard the transmission of sensitive data, GCN reported Monday.

Kathleen Hickey writes the DOE’s Savannah River National Laboratory engineered the prototype based on suite B cryptography to work with radiation air monitoring sensors in nuclear sites and other control systems.

Suite B, part of the NSA’s Cryptographic Modernization Program, is intended to help first responders and ground troops share data with allied forces, according to the report.

The technology includes encryption standard, Secure Hash Algorithm 2, other key algorithms and a digital signature for all transmitted data, reports GCN.

The DOE told the publication the NSA had approved the prototype hardware, which contains components built by SRNL for nuclear facilities and combines radiation sensors with a General Dynamics-made wireless network.

Hickey writes the hardware’s approval closes the first phase of its development and the DOE plans to start the next stage that involves enhancing the system’s wireless sensor interface module in fiscal 2013.

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