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2014 Defense Bill Passes House Committee, Seeks to Review NSA-Cybercom Structure

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PentagonThe defense authorization bill which recently passed the House Armed Services Committee with a vote of 59-2 contains a provision for board review of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command‘s top leader, Fierce Government IT reported Monday.

Zach Rausnitz writes the measure would require the Defense Science Board to assess the implications of having a single individual, currently Keith Alexander, leading both organizations.

The board would also review the Pentagon’s efforts to train and develop its workforce and would have to finish the evaluation process within 300 days of the bill’s enactment into law, according to the report.

Additionally, the measure calls on the secretary of defense to provide details on network intrusions that compromised military research and development efforts since January 2000.

Rausnitz reports the fiscal 2014 defense spending bill allocates $19 million for applied cybersecurity research and another $20 million for advanced technology development.

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