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Interior Dept Made $12B in FY 2012 for Public Land, Offshore Energy Production; Ken Salazar Comments

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Ken Salazar

The Interior Department made $12.15 billion in revenue from energy production on public lands and offshore areas during fiscal year 2012, a $1 billion increase over the previous year.

The department said 36 states received more than $2.1 billion of that as their cumulative revenue share collected from oil, gas and mineral production on federal lands within their borders and from U.S. offshore oil and gas tracts adjacent to their shores.

Secretary Ken Salazar said revenue from the projects supports power and water development in the western states and infrastructure projects.

Funding also supports education and conservation projects for water and land, he added.

Tribal governments received more than $700 million and $6.6 billion went directly to the U.S. Treasury.

Foreign oil imports represent less than half of oil usage in the U.S., the lowest level since 1995, according to the department.


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