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Marines Gen. Amos Hints at Future F-35, Ground Vehicle Acquisition Plans

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Gen. James Amos

The Marine Corps’ highest-ranking officer recently gave a glimpse into goals for the branch’s acquisitions of a new ground vehicle to replace the Humvee and the Lockheed Martin-made F-35, AOL Defense reports.

Gen. James Amos told writer Sydney Freedberg Jr. the branch plans to buy about 5,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and keep between 10,000 and 12,000 of its Humvees.

Lockheed recently won a contract for the JLTV program’s engineering and manufacturing development phase.

The Marines have 23,000 Humvees, which Amos said could work in Asia where ships often carry equipment over long distances.

Coinciding with that program, the Marines are also planning to buy a new amphibious combat vehicle that will enter production as soon as the Marines finish the JLTV buy, Freedberg reports.

Amos also told Freedberg he plans to be more involved in the branch’s F-35 acquisition as opposed to last year.

The Corps plans to stand up its first F-35B squadron this November, Amos said, according to the report.

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