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House Bill Seeks White House Sequestration Outline

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Rep. Jeb Hensarling

By a 414-2 vote, the House passed a bill Tuesday requiring the Obama Administration to detail plans for handling automatic budget cuts scheduled to start January 2013.

The Hill newspaper reports that the bill, authored by House GOP Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling, requires the White House to release that report within 30 days.

Sen. John Thune, who has a similar bill in the Senate, said that he wants his bill considered as soon as possible, according to Pete Kasperowicz’s article.

Kasperowicz reports another purpose of Hensarling’s bill is to pressure the White House and Democrats to redesign the planned sequestration and shift cuts away from the Defense Department.

During floor debate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said the bill is about transparency and not about re-litigating the budget fight, according to the report.

House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon said the bill would give the defense industry an idea about where potential sequestration cuts would fall.

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