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Report: Research Group Outlines Possible Defense Cuts

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Site: appropriations.house.gov

The Defense Department can reduce spending on weapons systems and still maintain military strength, a U.S. research organization suggests, according to Defense News.

Washington-based Center for a New American Security issued a report Wednesday explaining military pre-eminence does not require the Pentagon to maintain its current spending levels, Christopher Cavas reports.

CNAS report authors cautioned that defense spending should not be reduced too much in order to maintain the U.S. military’s ability to conduct global engagement activity.

Cavas writes that the report was on four principles, including that forces should focus on deterring aggression in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, increase military branch interdependence, match military to threats on holistic analysis and increase technological investments.

Authors also recommended the military have four regional commands instead of the current six and that the Pentagon reduce civilian workers by 100,000 over the next decade to help reduce spending.

Read Cavas’ report for the group’s recommendations on weapons spending and active force sizes for the branches.


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