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New Army Cyber Inspection Processes In The Works

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The Army Cyber Command‘s compliance head said the command intends to put its computer defense inspection methodology on paper, Government Computer News reports.

The new plan would require scheduled assessments and a data warehouse for storing information, according to GCN.

Greg Weaver said command personnel tasked with the project would be required to meet training, certification, and task organization criteria to perform inspections.

Currently, Cyber Command does not have an available archive to store assessment data, GCN reports.

Weaver said this vital for operations because it enables analysts to access information required in briefing senior officer about Army network vulnerabilities.

In addition, Cyber Command’s accreditation process would also need to be automated so information across Army organizations could interconnect to minimize queries, according to GCN.

Command teams would be responsible for network security and performing annual and monthly assessments of each organization.

The command will utilize existing certification processes because proper budget appropriation has not yet been filed for the project.

Weaver said Cyber Command will officially adopt command readiness inspections sometime in fiscal year 2013, GCN reports.


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