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Fed Green IT Progress Not Tracked, Report Says

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Most federal agencies have not created targets or baselines to measure green IT initiatives, a July 28 Government Accountability Office report says.

GreenBiz.com reports the federal government will spend $79 billion this year on IT, including the purchase of roughly 1 million environmentally friendly computers and monitors.

The green IT footprint is being implemented under two executive orders issued in 2007 and 2009. The GAO report, released Friday, said sustainability plans are in place at the six surveyed agencies.

However, GAO found no performance targets exist, making it impossible to measure progress any progress made.

“Without such guidance, the effectiveness of these efforts and their contribution to overall federal sustainability goals will remain unclear,” the report says.

FierceGovernmentIT reports GAO singled out the Office of Management and Budget and the Council of Environmental Quality for not developing specific guidance or establishing performance measures.

GAO recommended OMB and CEQ update its green IT guidance to direct agencies in developing baselines for their goals.

Click here to read the full GAO report.

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