Proposed House Bill Expands Federal Pay Freeze, Cuts Workers

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A bill proposed in the House of Representatives last week would add another year to the two-year federal pay freeze, reduce the federal workforce by 10 percent and cut Defense Department procurement by 15 percent.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) introduced the “Cut Unsustainable and Top-heavy Spending,”  last week, saying the Congress needs to take “strong actions” to get the nation’s “out of control” budget back in order.

According to Federal Times, the proposed CUTS bill mostly follows recommendations made by President Barack Obama’s deficit reduction committee, which many viewed as politically unpopular.

“Both Republicans and Democrats on the deficit commission agreed these cuts need to be made,” Brady said in a statement, “so let’s make a down payment on restoring our nation to a balanced budget and leaner government.”

However, the proposal goes even further than cuts proffered by the commission, including collecting some $3 billion in unpaid taxes from federal employees, according to Federal News Radio.

Other measures in the bill:

§  Cut DoD procurement by 15 percent and cap federal travel and printing costs, according to Federal News Radio.

§  Require the General Services Administration to sell $15 billion worth of unused federal property, according to Federal Times.

A federal pay freeze was first proposed by the deficit commission in November. Obama later voiced support for a milder two-year version instead of the three-year stall advocated by the commission.

Obama signed the two-year freeze for federal civilian workers late last month.

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  1. With the introducing of the Bill “Cut Unsustainable and Top-heavy Spending,” , what time-table does this look to actually go into effect. How long to pass the House of Representatives, Senate, and signing by the President?

  2. This is the same crap that the Bush administration forced upon the Federal employees. It’s like we’re going back in time.

    You want to save money, America? How about extracting us from the expensive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? How about getting rid of the idea of giving Federal work to contractors – something that is going to raise Federal expenses.

    Apparently, voting in Republican lawmakers is a sign that Americans haven’t learned a damn thing.

  3. This doesn’t make sence the federal government wastes Billions of dollors and their ingenoius plan to get it back in order is to fire people. Sounds like the a bad cooperation move. This is the most stupid thing oh let me sign off on giveing unemployment am increase and extended time linit let us bail out those that refuse to pay their bills and give business that are supposed to take care of themselves a lot of money so they don’t go under and now uh oh we are in trouble lets fire our employees and lets not pay them for two weeks so we can jump start our economy. Am I in a 3rd world dicatorship or am I in America. It is getting hard to tell.

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