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DOE & EPA to Make Changes to ENERGY STAR Program

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EnergyStarLogo_orignal.29061934_stdThe DOE and the EPA are working together to strengthen the ENERGY STAR® program. They want to ensure that only products meeting the requirements get the label, as well reinforce the verification and testing processes.

Gina McCarthy, EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation, said, “The Energy Star® program started out small and has grown quickly, and now the brand is immensely valuable to consumers and businesses. The safeguards we’re putting into effect are essential for the millions of consumers who rely on ENERGY STAR® products to help save energy, money, and the environment.”

One of the main enhancements of the program is that the approval process will no longer be an automated process. Manufacturers who want to qualify their products for the program are now required to submit complete lab reports that will be reviewed by the EPA.

Additionally, these products will not be able to get the certification mark of ENERGY STAR® until it has been approved by the EPA.

The DOE and the EPA will be continuing to work together in the coming months to “ensure that ENERGY STAR® continues to be the hallmark for energy efficiency in the years to come,” says DOE Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Cathy Zoi.

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