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More Healthy Options at Agency Cafeterias

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2900269912_83d571e065The Obama Administration has tried to push the idea of health and well-being to federal employees. GovernmentExecutive is testing these efforts by sampling the cafeteria food at the different government agencies. Apparently, the Agriculture Department has passed their test.

According to GovernmentExecutive, the Agriculture Department has nutritional information available at one of their cafeterias. They are working hard to promote healthy food options for the employees who work in this department. They also started a farmers market with healthy, fresh options in the cafeteria every Wednesday in December that will continue until March.

While there were plenty of healthy options available, in the visit to the cafeteria, GovernmentExecutive still found plenty of “traditional” cafeteria food. There were the French fries, pizza, and various fried foods, as well as plenty of desserts and candies. Overall, the Agriculture Department has succeeded in offering healthy, nutritional options to their employees.

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